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TPJCBViewer class

Project: Clipboard Viewer Component

Unit: PJCBView

Applies to: ~>2.0

TPJCBViewer is a simple non-visual Delphi component that descends directly from TComponent.

The component notifies the user of changes to the Windows clipboard by triggering an OnClipboardChanged event.

Properties are provided to modify the behaviour of the component. They are described below.

TPJCBViewer extends TComponent as described below. For details of the methods, properties and events inherited from TComponent, see the Delphi help documentation.


TPJCBViewer defines no new methods.


Two new public properties are defined.

Property Description
Enabled Enables and disables the component.
TriggerOnCreation Causes a clipboard change event to be triggered when the component is created.


TPJCBViewer defines one public event.

Event Description
OnClipboardChanged Event triggered when the clipboard contents change.