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HasCommonFactor method

Project: Fractions

Unit: DelphiDabbler.Lib.Fractions

Record: TFraction

Applies to: ~>0.1

function HasCommonFactor(const Factor: Int64): Boolean;


This method checks if a given value is a common factor for the fraction. The value being queried is passed in the Factor parameter.

A common factor is an integer that exactly divides both the numerator and denominator of a fraction.

The method always returns False if Factor is zero.

HasCommonFactor is useful for checking that a value is a valid common factor before passing to Simplify method.


  F: TFraction;
  S: string;
  CF: Int64;
  F := TFraction.Create(32, 48);
  // get common factor from user
  S := _;
  if not InputQuery('HasCommonFactor', 'Enter a factor', S) then
  CF := StrToInt64Def(S, 0);
  if F.HasCommonFactor(CF) then
      '%d is a common factor of %d/%d', [CF, F.Numerator, F.Denominator]

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