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IsProper method

Project: Fractions

Unit: DelphiDabbler.Lib.Fractions

Record: TFraction

Applies to: ~>0.1

function IsProper: Boolean;


The IsProper method checks if a TFraction instance is a proper fraction and returns True if so or False if not.

A proper fraction is one whose absolute value is less than 1, i.e. the absolute value of its numerator is less than its denominator.


  F: TFraction;
  F := TFraction.Create(-2, 3);
  F := TFraction.Create(3, 4);
  F := TFraction.Create(7, 4);
  Assert(not F.IsProper);


Another test for a proper fraction is to check whether its WholeNumberPart property is 0. If the property is 0 then the fraction is proper, otherwise it is not.

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