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CaptionIsURL property

Project: Hot Label Component.

Unit: PJHotLabel.

Class: TPJHotLabel

Applies to: ~>2.0

property CaptionIsURL: Boolean;


The CaptionIsURL property is used to determine whether the Caption property displays the URL assigned to the URL property or whether it can display descriptive text.

Set CaptionIsURL to True to link the Caption property to the URL property - so that assigning one property also assigns the other. This makes it easy to display a URL in the label without assigning two properties with the same value.

Setting CaptionIsURL to False enables any text to be assigned to the Caption property. This permits descriptive text to be displayed in the label that accesses the separately stored URL when the label is clicked. Tip: to give the user visual feedback of the actual URL when the mouse hovers over the label set the HintStyle property to hsURL.

The default value of CaptionIsURL is True.