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ParentFont property

Project: Hot Label Component.

Unit: PJHotLabel.

Class: TPJHotLabel

Applies to: ~>2.0

property ParentFont: Boolean;


This property determines where a control looks for its font information.

To have the component use the same font in its Font property as its parent control, set ParentFont to True.

Normally ParentFont is set to True for all controls in order to ensure that all the controls on a form have a uniform appearance. For example, if ParentFont is True for all controls in a form, changing the form’s Font property to 12 point Courier causes all controls on the form to use that font.

Changing this component’s Font property causes ParentFont to be set to False automatically.

The ParentFont property of TPJHotLabel defaults to False since the default attributes of the Font property differ from the parent control in order to make the hot-link stand out.