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VisitedFont property

Project: Hot Label Component.

Unit: PJHotLabel.

Class: TPJHotLabel

Applies to: ~>2.2

property VisitedFont: TFont;


VisitedFont controls the attributes font used to display the label when the Visited [~>2.2] property is True and the label is not highlighted.

To change to a new font, specify a new TFont object. To modify a font, change the value of the Color, Height, Name, Pitch, Size, or Style of the TFont object.

The property defaults to the same font as the Font property but with the colour changed to clBlue.

It is recommended that only the colour and certain styles of the font are altered and the font size and name remain unchanged so that the label does not grow or shrink when changing to and from the visited state or when highlighted.