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Options property

Project: Message Dialogue Components.

Unit: PJMessageDialog.

Class: TPJVCLMsgDlg

Applies to: ~>3.0

  TPJMsgDlgOption = (
    mdoInhibitCancel, mdoAutoHelpBtn, mdoShowCustomIcon, mdoGroupIgnoresHelp

  TPJMsgDlgOptions = set of TPJMsgDlgOption;

property Options: TPJMsgDlgOptions;


The Options property stores a set of unrelated options that are used to customise the dialogue box. The various options are described below:

Value Description
mdoInhibitCancel When included in Options this value causes a dialogue to be displayed that can’t be cancelled. This is done by (1) ignoring any request to display a cancel button, (2) removing the system menu from the dialogue and (3) rejecting ESC key presses.
mdoAutoHelpBtn This option causes the dialogue to display a help button when the HelpContext property is non-zero and to hide the help button when HelpContext is 0. This setting overrides any help button that may have been requested using the Buttons property.
mdoShowCustomIcon This option only has an effect when Kind = mkUser. When set the option causes the the dialogue box to display the icon specified by the IconResource property. When not set no icon is displayed regardless of the value of IconResource.
mdoGroupIgnoresHelp Normally, assigning a value to ButtonGroup and then including mbHelp in Buttons will change ButtonGroup to bgUnknown. By including this option the component is made to ignore the presence of mbHelp in Buttons when calculating a button group. So, in the above case, the value of ButtonGroup will remain unchanged when mbHelp is added to Buttons.

The default value of the property is [mdoAutoHelpBtn, mdoShowCustomIcon].