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HelpContext property

Project: Message Dialogue Components.

Unit: PJMessageDialog.

Class: TPJWinMsgDlg

Applies to: ~>3.0

  THelpContext = -MaxLongInt..MaxLongInt;

property HelpContext: THelpContext;


Set the HelpContext property to the context number of the relevant topic in the help file specified by the HelpFile property. When a non-zero help context number is specified a help button is displayed in the dialogue box which calls context sensitive help with the given help context when pressed.

Changing the value of HelpContext from zero to non-zero and back again changes the value of the DlgType property. See the DlgType page for full details.

If OnHelp is not handled and a help button is pressed, a request is made to the Application object to pass the help context along to the currently registered help system.