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Resource File Unit Constants

Project: Resource File Unit

Unit: PJResFile.

Applies to: ~>1.0

Some constants are defined to assist in setting some of the class properties.

Memory Flags Constants

The following flags are used to form the bitmask in a resource entry’s MemoryFlags property. The first four constants in the table can or ORd together to form the bitmask. The final three constants are complements of the first three and are ANDed against the bitmask to remove their complement from it.

Constant Value Description
RES_MF_MOVEABLE $0010 The system can move the resource in memory. If this flag is not present the resource is fixed in memory.
RES_MF_PURE $0020 The resource contains DWORD aligned data so that padding is not required. If this flag is not present the resource is not DWORD aligned and must be padded.
RES_MF_PRELOAD $0040 The resource is to be loaded in memory just after the application itself has been loaded. If not present then loading of the resource may be deferred until required by the application.
RES_MF_DISCARDABLE $1000 If set then on low memory conditions, the resource can be removed from memory and then reloaded when the application needs it, otherwise the resource must remain in memory.
RES_MF_FIXED $FFEF Complement of RES_MF_MOVEABLE: used to remove this flag from the bitmask.
RES_MF_IMPURE $FFDF Complement of RES_MF_IMPURE: used to remove this flag from the bitmask.
RES_MF_LOADONCALL $FFBF Complement of RES_MF_LOADONCALL: used to remove this flag from the bitmask.


Predefined Resource Types

Delphi’s Windows unit defines all the predefined resources types known at the time of writing except RT_HTML and RT_MANIFEST. Therefore these two type identifiers are defined in this unit for convenience:

See Windows documentation for a description of all the predefined resource types.