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Project: Shell Folders Unit.

Unit: PJShellFolders.

Applies to: ~>2.0

TPJSpecialFolderInfo is a non-visual component that provides information about a Windows special folders.

To get information about a special folder set the FolderID property to the required special folder id. The run time only properties of the component can then be used to read off information about the folder. Test IsSupported to check if the folder is supported on the current platform. If the folder is not supported then both Path and DisplayName are empty. If IsVirtual is true then the folder is virtual and the Path property will be empty. If IsVirtual is false then the folder exists in the file system and the folder’s path is given by the Path property. DisplayName gives the name used for the folder - for non-virtual folders this often has the same value as Path.

Supporting functions

Valid values for FolderID can be obtained using the TPJSpecialFolderEnum class. Supplying invalid values to FolderID will cause an exception to be raised. Use the IsValidSpecialFolderId function to check validity. SpecialFolderIdToStr returns the identifier of a valid folder ID.


TPJSpecialFolderInfo defines no new methods.


Property Description
DisplayName This property gives the name used to display the folder in Explorer.
FolderID Use this property to provide the folder ID of the special folder.
IsSupported Use this property to determine if the current special folder is supported by the operating system.
IsVirtual Use this property to determine if the current special folder is virtual.
Path This property specifies the location of the folder in the file system, if any.


TPJSpecialFolderInfo defines no new events.