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TPJIStreamWrapper class

Project: Stream Extension Classes

Unit: PJIStreams

Applies to: ~>3.0


This class can wrap any TStream derived class and provide access to it by means of an IStream interface.

This class is similar to Delphi’s TStreamAdapter class, except in the way it handles the Stat method. Sub-classes of TPJIStreamWrapper can override Stat to provide more meaningful information.

Not all features of IStream are supported in this implementation. Those that are not supported are noted in this documentation.

Study the source code of the IStreamWrapDemo demo program to see this class, and those derived from it, in use.


Method Description
Clone Method of IStream. Creates a new IStream object that accesses the same physical stream. Not supported in this implementation.
Commit Method of IStream. Commits pending changes.
CopyTo Method of IStream. Copies data from the wrapped stream into another stream.
Create Object constructor. Creates a new wrapper object for a given stream.
LockRegion Method of IStream. Restricts access to a specified range of bytes in the stream. Not supported in this implementation.
Read Method of IStream. Reads data from the wrapped stream.
Revert Method of IStream. Discards un-committed changes in a transacted stream.
Seek Method of IStream. Changes the seek pointer to a new location.
SetSize Method of IStream. Changes the size of the stream.
Stat Method of IStream. Retrieves the TStatStg structure that provides information about the wrapped stream.
UnlockRegion Method of IStream. Removes access restrictions from a range of bytes in the stream. Not supported in this implementation.
Write Method of IStream. Writes data to the wrapped stream.

Method Visibility

[~>3.0.0] Note that the methods of IStream have protected visibility in TPJIStreamWrapper and cannot be accessed from an object instance referenced by a variable of type TPJIStreamWrapper. The methods can only be accessed via the object’s IStream interface.

[~>3.1] Methods of IStream have public visibility.


TPJIStreamWrapper exposes no properties.


TPJIStreamWrapper exposes no events.