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SetSize method

Project: Stream Extension Classes

Unit: PJStreamWrapper

Class: TPJStreamWrapper

Applies to: ~>3.0


procedure SetSize(NewSize: Longint); override;

[~>3.1] [1]

procedure SetSize(const NewSize: Int64); override;


This protected method overrides the do-nothing method of TStream and attempts to set the size of the wrapped stream.

[~>3.1] There are two overloaded versions of the method: one that takes a 32 bit size and one that takes a 64 bit size [1].

If the size of the wrapped stream cannot be changed then SetSize has no effect.



Footnote 1

The version of SetSize with the 64 bit integer parameter is included in TPJStreamWrapper only if the library is compiled with Delphi 6 or later. This is because the version of TStream shipped with Delphi 5 and earlier did not include this method.