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Project: System Information Unit.

Unit: PJSysInfo.

Applies to: ~>5.0

This is a static class that provides information about the host computer. The class’ functionality is all exposed via its static methods. Because it is static the class does not need to be instantiated before use.


Method Description
BiosVendor Gets the name of the computer’s BIOS vendor.
BootMode Determines the operating system mode into which the the computer was booted.
ComputerName Gets the computer’s name.
Is64Bit Checks if processor is 64 bit.
IsAdmin Checks if the current user has administrator privileges.
IsNetworkPresent Checks if a network is present.
IsUACActive Checks if UAC is active on the computer.
MACAddress Gets the address of the first network card in the computer.
Processor Gets the kind of processor used in the computer.
ProcessorCount Gets the number of processors in the computer.
ProcessorIdentifier Gets the identifier of the computer’s processor.
ProcessorName Gets the name of the computer’s processor.
ProcessorSpeedMHz [~>5.4] Gets the speed of the computer’s processor in MHz.
SystemManufacturer Gets the name of the computer’s manufacturer.
SystemProductName Gets the computer’s product or model name.
UserName Gets the current user name.


TPJComputerInfo defines no properties.


TPJComputerInfo defines no events.