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Product class function

Project: System Information Unit.

Unit: PJSysInfo.

Class: TPJOSInfo

Applies to: ~>5.0

class function Product: TPJOSProduct;

type TPJOSProduct = (
  osUnknownWinNT, osWinNT, osWin2K, osWinXP,
  osUnknownWin9x, osWin95, osWin98, osWinMe,
  osUnknownWin32s, osWinSvr2003, osUnknown, osWinVista,
  osWinSvr2003R2, osWinSvr2008, osWinLater,
  osWin7, osWinSvr2008R2,       // defined in v3.1 and later
  osWin8, osWinSvr2012,         // defined in v3.4 and later
  osWin8Point1, osWinSvr2012R2, // defined in v5.0 and later
  osWin10, osWin10Svr,          // defined in v5.1 and later
  osWinSvr2019,                 // defined in v5.4 and later
  osWin11, osWinSvr2022,        // defined in v5.6 and later
  osWinServer                   // defined in v5.9 and later


Returns a value from the TPJOSProduct enumeration that identifies the operating system product. Possible values of TPJOSProduct are:

Code Description
osWin95 Windows 95 or Windows 95 OSR1.
osWin98 Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE.
osWinMe Windows Me.
osWinNT Windows NT (v3.51 to v4) - needs major and minor version information to fully identify the version.
osWin2k Windows 2000.
osWinXP Windows XP.
osWinVista Windows Vista.
osWin7 Windows 7.
osWin8 Windows 8.
osWin8Point1 Windows 8.1. †
osWin10 [~>5.1] Windows 10. †
osWin11 [~>5.6] Windows 11. †
osWinSvr2003 Windows Server 2003.
osWinSvr2003R2 Windows Server 2003 R 2.
osWinSvr2008 Windows Server 2008.
osWinSvr2008R2 Windows Server 2008 R 2.
osWinSvr2012 Windows Server 2012.
osWinSvr2012R2 Windows Server 2012 R 2. †
osWin10Svr [~>5.1] Windows 2016 Server. †
osWinSvr2019 [~>5.4] Windows 2019 Server. †
osWinSvr2022 [~>5.6] Windows 2022 Server. †
osWinServer [~>5.9] Windows 2022 Server. †
osWinLater An unknown version of Windows released after the most recent version of Windows identified above.
osUnknownWinNT An unknown product on the Windows NT platform.
osUnknownWin9x An unknown product on the Windows 9x platform.
osUnknownWin32s An operating system running on the Win32s platform.
osUnknown An unknown operating system on an unknown platform.

When the program is run in compatibility mode, this method will return the product code of the “emulated” operating system.

On operating systems where CanSpoof returns False this method will return the product code of the installed operating system, regardless of any compatibility mode. †

To find the string representation of the product name use the ProductName method.

† ⚠️ From Windows 8.1 / Win dows Server 2012 R 2 onwards, the correct operating system will only be returned if the host application contains a manifest that includes a compatibility section that contains the GUID that designates the appropriate version of Windows. If there is no such manifest, or the designated Windows version is lower than that of the operating system then Product will return the code for an earlier operating system. This rule applies regardless of the value returned from CanSpoof.