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Version Information Routines

Project: Version Information Component

Unit: PJVersionInfo

These functions are provided mainly for users of Delphi 2005 and earlier who don’t have the extended functionality of TPJVersionNumber. The functions seek to replicate that functionality.


Applies to: ~>3.3

function VerNumToStr(const Ver: TPJVersionNumber): string;

VerNumToStr description

Converts the given TPJVersionNumber record into a dotted quad string and returns it.

VerNumToStr example

If the following code is executed the string variable S will have the value ''.

  S: string;
  VN: TPJVersionNumber;
  VN.V1 := 2;
  VN.V2 := 5;
  VN.V3 := 8;
  VN.V4 := 3;
  S := VerNumToStr(VN);
  // ...

VerNumToStr remarks

Users of Delphi 2006 and later can simply assign a TPJVersionNumber record to a string to get exactly the same effect. There is never any need to call VerNumToStr.


Applies to: ~>3.3

function CompareVerNums(const Ver1, Ver2: TPJVersionNumber): Integer;

CompareVerNums description

Compares two TPJVersionNumber records. Return values are:

CompareVerNums remarks

Users of Delphi 2006 should rarely, if ever, need to use this function. Two version number records can be directly compared using the normal =, <>, <, <=, > and >= operators.