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FileSubType property

Project: Version Information Component

Unit: PJVersionInfo

Class: TPJVersionInfo

Applies to: ~>3.0

property FileSubType: DWORD;


For some file types this run time property provides additional information about the type of file. The information is that specified in the fixed file information part of the VERSIONINFO resource statement.

The value of this property is also provided by the the dwFileSubType member of the VS_FIXEDFILEINFO structure that is accessed using the FixedFileInfo property.

The value of FileSubType depends on the file type identified by the FileType property, as follows:

Font files

When FileType has value VFT_FONT (a font file) then valid values of FileSubType are:

Flag Description
VFT2_UNKNOWN Font type is unknown.
VFT2_FONT_RASTER A raster font.
VFT2_FONT_VECTOR A vector font.

Device Drivers

When FileType has value VFT_DRV (a device driver) then FileSubType can take one of the following values:

Flag Description
VFT2_UNKNOWN Driver type is unknown.
VFT2_DRV_PRINTER Printer driver.
VFT2_DRV_KEYBOARD Keyboard driver.
VFT2_DRV_LANGUAGE Language driver.
VFT2_DRV_DISPLAY Display driver.
VFT2_DRV_MOUSE Mouse driver.
VFT2_DRV_NETWORK Network driver.
VFT2_DRV_SYSTEM System driver.
VFT2_DRV_INSTALLABLE Installable driver.
VFT2_DRV_SOUND Sound driver.
VFT2_DRV_COMM Communications driver.

Virtual Device Drivers

When FileType has value VFT_VXD (a virtual device driver) then FileSubType contains the virtual device identifier included in the virtual device control block.

Other Cases

In all other cases, including when there is no version information available, FileSubType contains no information and should be zero.

Constants for all the values discussed above are defined in the Windows unit.