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ProductVersionNumber property

Project: Version Information Component

Unit: PJVersionInfo

Class: TPJVersionInfo

Applies to: ~>3.0

property ProductVersionNumber: TPJVersionNumber;


This read only property gets the version number of the product to which the file being examined relates.

The version number is specified in the fixed file information part of the VERSIONINFO resource statement.

The value of this property is derived from the dwProductVersionMS and dwProductVersionLS members of the VS_FIXEDFILEINFO structure that can be accessed using the FixedFileInfo property. The relationship between the fields of the TPJVersionNumber record returned by this property and dwProductVersionMS and dwProductVersionLS is as follows:

TPJVersionNumber field VS_FIXEDFILEINFO field
V1 HiWord(dwProductVersionMS)
V2 LoWord(dwProductVersionMS)
V3 HiWord(dwProductVersionLS)
V4 LoWord(dwProductVersionLS)

The value of ProductVersionNumber does not necessarily correspond to the string value given by the ProductVersion† property as this is separately defined in the VERSIONINFO resource statement.


† The ProductVersion property is an alias for the StringFileInfo[] array property when ‘ProductVersion’ is passed as the index.