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RootKey property

Project: Window State Components.

Unit: PJWdwState.

Class: TPJRegWdwState

Applies to: ~>5.0

property RootKey: HKEY;


This property allows the user to specify the registry root key under which the window size, position and state information is recorded. The information is saved in a subkey of this root key determined by the SubKey property. If RootKey is set to an invalid HKEY value an exception is raised. Valid values are:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT     = $80000000;
HKEY_CURRENT_USER     = $80000001;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE    = $80000002;
HKEY_USERS            = $80000003;
HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG   = $80000005;
HKEY_DYN_DATA         = $80000006;

These values are defined in the Windows unit.

The property defaults to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Note: The registry root key can also be specified by handling OnGetRegData or OnGetRegDataEx [~>5.6] events. If this is done then the value of RootKey is ignored.

Alternative Property

The RootKeyEx [~>5.6] property provides an alternative way of setting the registry root key. Instead of taking an HKEY value it takes a value from the TPJRegRootKey [~>5.6] enumeration, making it impossible to specify an invalid value.

RootKeyEx [~>5.6] also makes it easier and safer to set values in Delphi’s Object Inspector since the required value is selected from a list.

Setting RootKey changes the value of RootKeyEx [~>5.6] and vice versa.