Welcome to the new DelphiDabbler Code Library Documentation.

This is a new site that's currently running on alpha code. There are going to be bugs. If you discover any, please report them on the site's issues page (GitHub account required). Thanks.

Warning: Many URLs are going to change. Refer to the README file to discover which library project's documentation has been completed.


The following conventions are used in this documentation.


Identifiers in plain text appear like this:

Identifiers in links appear like this:

Values & In-line Code

Values and in-line code appear like this:

Source Code Blocks

Declarations and source code examples appear syntax highlighted like this:

procedure Foo(const Bar: string);

Version Numbers

Some documentation pages apply only to a certain range of project versions. The applicable version numbers are specified using Ruby’s twiddle-wakka pessimistic operator. For example ~>3.2 means the documentation applies to all versions >=3.2 and <4.0.