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TPJConsoleAppPriority type

Project: Console Application Runner Classes

Unit: PJConsoleApp

Applies to: ~>3.0

  TPJConsoleAppPriority = (
    cpDefault, cpHigh, cpNormal, cpIdle, cpRealTime


TPJConsoleAppPriority is the type of the TPJCustomConsoleApp.Priority property. It defines values for each possible priority level with which an application can be executed.

Values are:

Value Description
cpDefault Default priority. Normally cpNormal is used unless the parent process has priority cpIdle in which case cpIdle is used.
cpHigh High priority. Use for time-critical tasks (processor intensive).
cpNormal Normal priority for applications with no specific scheduling needs.
cpIdle Idle priority. The process is run only when the system is idle.
cpRealTime Real time priority. Highest possible priority (pre-empts all threads, including the operating system).

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