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Console Application Runner Classes Programmers Guide

Applies to: ~>3.0


This section of the Console Application Runner Classes documentation describes the API exposed to programmers.



There is just one unit in this project

It also provides some helper routines and useful constants.

Units Description
PJConsoleApp The only unit in this project. This unit provides classes that encapsulate and execute command line applications and optionally redirect the application’s standard input, output and error. It also provides some helper routines and useful constants.


Classes Description
TPJCustomConsoleApp Base class for TPJConsoleApp. Provides all functionality but declares all properties protected. Use this class if creating sub-classes that do not want to make all properties public or need to execute custom code within the class rather than handling events.
TPJConsoleApp Main console application class. Makes all properties inherited from TPJCustomConsoleApp public. Use instances of this class when working with console processes.

Simple Types

Types Description
TPJConsoleAppPriority Enumerated type that specifies each possible priority level with which an application can be executed.
TPJConsoleColor Enumerated type that specifies of all possible colours that can be used for a console’s foreground and background.
TPJConsoleColors Record that stores a console window’s foreground and background colours.


Other Description
Helper routines Various routines to help working with console applications.
Constants Constants used by the library.


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