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TPJConsoleColor type

Project: Console Application Runner Classes

Unit: PJConsoleApp

Applies to: ~>3.0

  TPJConsoleColor = (
    ccBlack   =  0,  ccNavy    =  1,  ccGreen   =  2,  ccTeal    =  3,
    ccMaroon  =  4,  ccPurple  =  5,  ccOlive   =  6,  ccSilver  =  7,
    ccGray    =  8,  ccBlue    =  9,  ccLime    = 10,  ccAqua    = 11,
    ccRed     = 12,  ccFuchsia = 13,  ccYellow  = 14,  ccWhite   = 15


This is an enumeration of all possible colours that can be used for a console’s foreground and background.


It is important that the assigned ordinal values are retained. They relate to various combinations of the FOREGROUND_xxx constants declared in the Windows unit. Foreground colours are obtained directly from these ordinal values while background colours are obtained by left shifting the values by 4.

The value names are similar to the equivalent TColor constants, but have different numeric values. Colours with similar value names display the same colours. For example ccBlue displays the same colour in a console as clBlue does in a GUI application’s forms.

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