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TPJDropFilesOptions set and TPJDropFilesOption enumeration

Project: Drop Files Components.

Unit: PJDropFiles.

Applies to: ~>5.0

  TPJDropFilesOptions = set of TPJDropFilesOption;
  TPJDropFilesOption = (dfoIncFiles, dfoIncFolders, dfoRecurseFolders);


TPJDropFilesOptions is a set of TPJDropFilesOption values that specify the processing and filtering to be applied to dropped files. TPJDropFilesOptions is the type of the Options property of the various drop files components. Possible values are:

Option Description
dfoIncFiles When this option is specified ordinary files are included in the list of dropped files. If the option is not present ordinary files are excluded.
dfoIncFolders Including this option causes folders to be included in the list of dropped files. Folders are excluded if the option is not set.
dfoRecurseFolders In the absence of this option only the files actually dropped are made available via the Files property (subject to presence of dfoIncFile and dfoIncFolders). When this option is set all folders in the list of dropped files are scanned and the files and sub-folders they contain are also recorded. This scan continues recursively through all sub-folders.

It makes no sense to omit both the dfoIncFiles and dfoIncFolders options since no files will pass the filter.