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Drop Files Components Programmer’s Guide

Applies to: ~>5.0


This section of the Drop Files Components documentation describes the API exposed by the components to programmers.



Unit Description
PJDropFiles Contains three components that support file drag and drop from Windows Explorer along with subsidiary components that can filter dropped files.
PJDropFilesDsgn Contains the design time elements of the drop files components: a component editor, a property editor and the component and editor registration code.


Component Description
TPJDropFiles Container control that catches files dragged and dropped onto its client area or the client area of child controls.
TPJFormDropFiles Non-visual component that catches files dragged and dropped onto the form that contains the component.
TPJCtrlDropFiles Non-visual component that catches files dragged and dropped onto an associated control.
TPJExtFileFilter File filter component that filters files according to their extension.
TPJWildCardFileFilter File filter component that filters files according to a DOS-style wild card.
TPJFileFilter An abstract base class for file filter components.

Other Types

Type Description
TPJDropFilesOption & TPJDropFilesOptions Enumerated type and set that define the possible values of the Options property of the drop files components.
TPJDroppedFileFilter Type of OnFileFilter events of the drop files components.
TPJExtFileFilterStyle Enumeration representing the kind of filtering performed by the TPJExtFileFilter.Style property.

Design Time Editors

Editor class Description
TPJExtFileFilterExtPE Property editor for the Extensions property of the TPJExtFileFilter component. This editor displays a dialogue box where extensions can be added, removed and saved in the correct format.
TPJDropFilesCE Component editor that causes an event handler for the OnDropFiles events of the drop file components to be opened in the designer when the components are double-clicked. The default action without this component editor is to open the rarely used OnBeforeDrop event handler, which is not very useful.


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