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OnHide event

Project: Message Dialogue Components.

Unit: PJMessageDialog.

Class: TPJVCLMsgDlg

Applies to: ~>3.0

  TPJVCLMsgDlgFormEvent = procedure(
    Sender: TObject; Dlg: TForm
  ) of object;

property OnHide: TPJVCLMsgDlgFormEvent;


The OnHide event is triggered just after the component’s dialogue box is hidden when it is closed. A reference to the component itself is passed to the event handler’s Sender parameter while the Dlg parameter references the dialogue box form.

The Dlg parameter can be used to tidy up any customisation performed in the OnShow event handler. Most customisations do not need to be tidied up, but the handler has uses on occasions where there may be results to be read from customisations or where any non-component objects created in OnShow need to be freed.

Warning: The form referenced by the Dlg parameter is destroyed shortly after OnHide returns, so should not be referenced after the handler has completed. The form reference is the same one that is provided to the OnShow event handler.