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OnShow event

Project: Message Dialogue Components.

Unit: PJMessageDialog.

Class: TPJVCLMsgDlg

Applies to: ~>3.0

  TPJVCLMsgDlgFormEvent = procedure(
    Sender: TObject; Dlg: TForm
  ) of object;

property OnShow: TPJVCLMsgDlgFormEvent;


The OnShow event is triggered just before the component’s dialogue box is displayed. A reference the component itself is passed to the event handler’s Sender parameter while the Dlg parameter references the dialogue box form.

The Dlg parameter can be used to customise the appearance of the dialogue box. Any tidying up of such customisation or any interpretation of the results of the customisation can be carried out by handling the OnHide event.

Warning: The form referenced by the Dlg parameter is only valid while the dialogue box is displayed - it is destroyed when the dialogue is closed. It is safe to use the form reference during the OnShow event handler and up until the OnHide event handler returns.