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Example #4: Listing specific resources from a file

We can use the IsMatching method of TPJResourceEntry to check if a specific resource matches some given criteria. IsMatching can match just a resource type, a resource type and name or it can uniquely identify a resource in a file by matching its type, name and language id.

Like TPJResourceFile.FindEntry, the language id parameter is optional. The resource name parameter can be nil if we don’t want to specify the resource name in the match.

Using IsMatching, we can list all the RT_HTML resources from a resource file in a TMemo control with this code:

  ResFile: TPJResourceFile;
  Entry: TPJResourceEntry;
  Idx: Integer;
  // Assume ResFile contains a loaded resource file
  for Idx := 0 to Pred(ResFile.EntryCount) do
    Entry := ResFile.Entries[Idx];
    if Entry.IsMatching(RT_HTML, nil) then
        Format('%s', [ResIDToStr(Entry.ResName)])

To list just the different language versions of the RT_HTML resource named 'INDEX_HTML' we simply change the IsMatching method call in the for loop to:

Entry.IsMatching(RT_HTML, 'INDEX_HTML')

Finally, to list all the RT_HTML resources with language id $0809, regardless of name, we can pass nil as the ResName parameter and specify the language id as the final parameter. With these changes the IsMatching method call becomes:

Entry.IsMatching(RT_HTML, nil, $0809)