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TPJAboutBoxDlg class

Project: About Box Component.

Unit: PJAbout.

Applies to: ~>3.6

This non-visual component encapsulates an About Box in a non-visual component. It is displayed by calling its Execute method. It has string properties to display five different pieces of information in the about box. They are: Copyright, Notes, ProgramName, Title and Version.

Alternatively, the about box can display information from a VERSIONINFO resource included in a program file. This is achieved by setting the VersionInfo property to reference a TPJVersionInfo component which extracts the required version information from an executable file.

The application’s icon is displayed in the dialog box. This is the icon specified by the Icon property of the TApplication object. If no icon has been specified for the application then default Delphi icon is used.

Other properties are used to position of the about box on the screen and control the position and appearance of the dialog’s Close button.

The HelpContext property allows Windows Help to be displayed for the dialog box when the F1 key is pressed.


Method Description
Execute Displays the about box.


Property Description
ButtonGlyph Determines which, if any, glyph is displayed on the dialog’s close button.
ButtonHeight Specifies the height of the dialog’s close button.
ButtonKind Determines the text displayed on the dialog’s close button.
ButtonPlacing Determines the horizontal alignment of the dialog’s close button.
ButtonWidth Specifies the width of the dialog’s close button.
CentreDlg Determines whether or not the dialog box is centred on screen.
Copyright The copyright message displayed in the about box.
DlgLeft Specifies the location of the left hand side of the about box.
DlgTop Specifies the location of the top of the about box.
Font Specifies the font used in the dialog box.
HelpContext Stores the help topic number accessed when F1 is pressed. A zero value is ignored.
Notes Notes displayed in the dialog box.
Position Determines whether the about box is positioned relative to screen, desktop or owner form.
ProgramName Name of the program displayed in the about box.
Title Text displayed in the caption of the dialog box window.
UseOSStdFonts Specifies whether the dialog box should use the system’s default font.
UseOwnerAsParent Determines if the dialog box should to be forced to be a child window of any owning control.
Version The version number information to be displayed in the dialog box.
VersionInfo Reference to any TPJVersionInfo component that provides the text displayed in the about box.


TPJAboutBoxDlg defines no events.