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About Box Component Programmers’ Guide

Applies to: ~>3.6


This section of the About Box Component documentation describes the API exposed by the unit to programmers.



Unit Descriptions
PJAbout The only unit in this project. Contains all the types and routines noted below.


Class Descriptions
TPJAboutBoxDlg The About Box component.
TPJAboutBoxForm ⛔ The form class that implements the actual about box. This class must not be accessed directly and is not documented here.

Enumerated Types

Type Descriptions
TPJAboutBtnPlacing Determines horizontal placement of OK button in about dialog. This is the type of the ButtonPlacing property.
TPJAboutBtnKinds Determines caption of about dialog’s OK button. This is the type of the ButtonKind property.
TPJAboutBtnGlyphs Determines what, if any, glyph is displayed on about dialog’s OK button. This is the type of the ButtonGlyph property.
TPJAboutPosition Determines whether about dialog’s position (centred or offset) is relative to screen, desktop or owning form. This is the type of the Position property.


Item Description
Register ⛔ Component registration routine, called by the Delphi IDE to register the component. Do not call.


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