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Files property

Project: Drop Files Components.

Unit: PJDropFiles.

Class: TPJFormDropFiles

Applies to: ~>5.0

property Files[Idx: Integer]: string;


This read-only array property contains an indexed list of the fully specified names of the files dropped on the form. The array is zero based. The Count property gives the number of files dropped. Attempts to access array elements outside the index range result in an exception being raised.

The contents of Files may not exactly reflect all the names of the dropped files and folders. The listed files can be varied by changing the of the Options property. Furthermore, files filtered out via the Filter property or the OnFileFilter event handler are not included in Files. To ensure the property contains exactly the files and folders that were dropped set the Options property to dfoIncFiles, dfoIncFolders (the default) and assign neither a Filter component nor a OnFileFilter event handler.

To test whether the file at index Idx is a file or a folder use IsFolder.