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OnHelp event

Project: Shell Folders Unit.

Unit: PJShellFolders.

Class: TPJBrowseDialog

Applies to: ~>2.3

  TPJBrowseHelpEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject;
    var Cancel: Boolean) of object;

property OnHelp: TPJBrowseHelpEvent;


This event is triggered whenever help is requested and is available. Its purpose is to enable the user to intercept help requests before they are passed to the Application object for processing and, optionally, to prevent Application from receiving the request.

Help can be requested by clicking any visible and enabled help button or by pressing F1 whenever boContextHelp is not included in the Options property. Help is available when either HelpContext is non-zero or HelpKeyword is not the empty string, depending on the value of the HelpType property. (On Delphis that don’t support HelpType, HelpContext must be non-zero).

The event handler’s parameters are described below: