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Project: Shell Folders Unit.

Unit: PJShellFolders.

Applies to: ~>2.0

This component permits the Windows Browse for Folders dialog box to be displayed. TPJBrowseDialog also enables the dialog box to be customised. The dialog box is displayed at run time when the Execute method is called. The path and display name of the folder selected when the user OKs are made available via the component’s properties.


Method Description
Execute Displays the Browse for Folders dialog.


Property Description
DisplayName Displays the name of the selected folder.
FolderName Contains the path to the folder selected in the dialog box.
Handle The window handle of the dialog box.
Headline Displays the given text in the Browse dialog box.
HelpContext Numeric ID for the components’s context-sensitive help topic.
HelpKeyword [~>2.3] Keyword for the component’s context-sensitive help topic.
HelpType [~>2.3] Indicates whether the component’s context sensitive help topic is identified by context ID or by keyword.
Options Determines the appearance and behavior of the Browse for Folders dialog box.
RootFolderID Determines the root folder displayed in the dialog box.
Title Specifies the text displayed in the dialog’s title bar.


Event Description
OnClose Triggered when the dialog closes.
OnHelp [~>2.3] Triggered whenever help is requested from the browse for folders dialog box and is available.
OnInitialise Triggered when the dialog initialises.
OnSelChange Triggered whenever the selection in the dialog box changes.
OnSelChangeEx Triggered whenever the selection in the dialog box changes.
OnValidationFailed [~>2.3] Triggered whenever an invalid folder name is entered in the browse dialog’s edit control and an attempt is made to close the dialog box.