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Options property

Project: Shell Folders Unit.

Unit: PJShellFolders.

Class: TPJBrowseDialog

Applies to: ~>2.0

  TPJBrowseDlgOption = (
    boShowHelp, boContextHelp, boStatusText, boDirsOnly, // ~>2.0
    boNewDlgStyle,                                       // ~>2.2 
    boHideMakeFolderBtn, boEditBox, boHint               // ~>2.3
type TPJBrowseDlgOptions = set of TPJBrowseDlgOption;

property Options: TPJBrowseDlgOptions;


Use the Options property to customize the appearance and functionality of the dialog. One or more of the following values can be assigned to the property:

Value Meaning
boShowHelp Displays a help button in the dialog box. When the user clicks the button the application’s help file is activated at the topic given by the component’s HelpContext or HelpKeyword [~>2.3] properties. When HelpContext is 0 or HelpKeyword is the empty string the button is disabled. If Options does not include boContextHelp then pressing F1 has the same effect as clicking the Help button. Note: [~>2.2] This option is ignored when boNewStyleDlg is included in Options.
boContextHelp Displays a ? button in the dialog’s title bar. Clicking the ? button and then clicking a control in the dialog brings up context sensitive popup help on each control in a window. Pressing F1 has the same effect. In this case the help relates to the currently active control. Note: this option only works on some operating systems. It does not work on Windows Vista, for example.
boStatusText Permits status information to be displayed in the dialog box in response to selection changes. To cause this text to appear either the OnSelChange or the OnSelChangeEx event must be handled and the required text sent back to the dialog box via the event handler’s StatusText parameter. Note: [~>2.2] This option is ignored when boNewStyleDlg is included in Options.
boDirsOnly Causes the dialog box to display only folders in the file system. The OK button is disabled by default if the selected folder is virtual. If this option is omitted then file system and virtual folders are provided and any folder can be selected. Note: [~>2.2] If boNewDlgStyle is specified executing the dialog box with a virtual folder selected as the root folder can cause an error message to be displayed.
boNewDlgStyle [~>2.2] Displays the dialog in the “new style” - i.e. the dialog is resizable and displays a “Make New Folder” button, by default. Note: This option is not compatible with boShowHelp and boStatusText and these options are ignored when boNewDlgStyle is included in Options. The option requires shlobj.dll v5.0 or later.
boHideMakeFolderBtn [~>2.3] Hides the “Make New Folder” button that is displayed by default in the “new style” dialog box. Note: This option is ignored if boNewDlgStyle is not set since the button is never displayed in “old style” versions of the dialog box.
boEditBox [~>2.3] Displays an edit control in the dialog box that allows the user to type the name of an item. The entered text is validated when the user presses OK. If valid the entered text is used as the name of the required folder. If the text is invalid the default action is for the dialog box to close and to ignore the entered text. To override this provide an OnValidationFailed event handler. Note: If this option is specified the boHint option is ignored.
boHint [~>2.3] Adds a usage hint to the dialog box, in place of any edit box. Note: boNewDlgStyle must be included in Option for this option to work, and boEditBox must not be set. boHint requires shlobj.dll v6.0 or later.

The default value of Options is [boContextHelp, boDirsOnly].