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OnSelChange event

Project: Shell Folders Unit.

Unit: PJShellFolders.

Class: TPJBrowseDialog

Applies to: ~>2.0

  TPJBrowseSelChangeEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; 
    FolderName, DisplayName: AnsiString; var StatusText: AnsiString;
    var OKEnabled: Boolean) of object;

property OnSelChange: TPJBrowseSelChangeEvent;


OnSelChange is triggered whenever the selection in the dialog box changes. This can occur before the dialog is displayed and before the OnInitialise event fires. Write a handler to perform any required processing when the selected folder changes and to update the status text and state of the dialog’s OK button. The OnSelChange event is immediately followed by the OnSelChangeEx event. It is recommended that only one of these events is handled.

The event handler’s parameters are as follows:

When OnSelChange is triggered the dialog’s window handle is available via the Handle property.