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RootFolderID property

Project: Shell Folders Unit.

Unit: PJShellFolders.

Class: TPJBrowseDialog

Applies to: ~>2.0

property RootFolderID: Integer;


RootFolderID specifies the identifier of the special folder that is used as the root of the folder tree displayed in the dialog box. The property defaults to CSIDL_DESKTOP.

All valid values that can be stored in RootFolderID can be found using the TPJSpecialFolderEnum enumerator class. An identifier can be tested for validity using the IsValidSpecialFolderId function.

Assigning an invalid value to the property causes an exception to be raised. Not all special folder identifiers are supported on all versions of Windows. Attempting to display a folder that is not supported by the operating system will cause an exception to be raised. Use the TPJSpecialFolderInfo component to test if a special folder is supported without raising an exception.